Meeting Rooms

Phuket Merlin Hotel is an ideal place to have a meeting. from small group 10-15 people to a big group up to 700 people. During the meeting, the participants can enjoy Coffee Break with tea/coffee and snacks. Lunch or dinner can be served at Rattan Box Coffee Shop on the ground floor or Tien Kung on the top floor of the hotel.


The Chamjuree room can divide 2 rooms. It is the most convenient access from the car parking.

Charmjuree 1

• Dimension: 16 meter x 33 meter
• Area: 528 square meters
• Ceiling height: 5 meters
• Capacity: Theater 700 people / Classroom 300 people

Charmjuree 2

• Dimension: 12 meter x 24.5 meter
• Area: 294 square meters
• Ceiling height: 3.5 meters
• Capacity: Theater 300 people / Classroom 200 people